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Founded in 2019, Lit Vegan Chicago has awed the taste buds of many Chicago foodies! Touting delicious plant-based creations, locally-sourced ingredients, all infused with love, Lit Vegan Chicago is proud to join Chicago’s vegan restaurant community. Whether you are a meat enthusiast, transitioning vegetarian, or hard core vegan, Lit Vegan Chicago has the perfect plant based entree for you! Make your next meal a ‘Lit’ experience! 


Meet The Team

Founder & CEO


Lit Vegan Chicago’s founder & Executive Director, Leslie Peterson, is a mother, entrepreneur, and heart & soul of Lit Vegan Chicago. Leslie is credited for her innovation in developing many of the recipes that has come to brand Lit Vegan Chicago as a premiere culinary arts experience. Her passion of providing not only delicious but healthy food to the masses has fueled a vision that will propel Lit Vegan Chicago to heights unknown. Lit Vegan Chicago is proud of its fearless leader, Ms. Leslie Peterson.

talented executive chef

chef phil

Chef Phil has been an advocate for the many health benefits that adopting a plant based diet has on the human body. This philosophy, based on the teachings of Dr. Sebi, has allowed chef Phil to promote and educate all who would listen. Lit Vegan Chicago is a God send for Chef Phil in providing a platform to share plant based cuisine to communities that may not have access to healthy plant based food options.

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